U.S.A opens its very first cannabis-resort

Cannabis has actually been legal in the US state of Colorado since 2012, but it has been difficult for tourists to find a location where they could enjoy a chillum.It is forbidden to smoke marijuana in public, however it has The Mary Jane chain now click here clutter when it opens Camp Bud + Breakfast Mountain Resort in Aspen Canyon Ranch and a half hour drive from Colorado's capital Denver.

The Herbal Chef, a cook who uses marijuana in haute cuisine

Chris Sayegh works as a cook, and had definitely curious but effective company concept, or use marijuana in his dishes haute food. The marijuana is definitely a special component that is already extensively utilized to package food and drink, but the Californian chef, now also known by the name of Herbal Chef, manages to highlight the tastes of his dishes with that additional touch that appears to be the his trump card.


USA: the threats of marijuana might be evaluated by the DEA, but activists desire more

After years of intransigence on the issue, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) may advise removing cannabis from the list of the most harmful drugs in the country. This list was developed as part of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) of 1970, which consolidated all federal drug laws into one thorough measure, and that consists of cannabis as a controlled substance in Schedule I, alongside heroin.